The Company

The AgenC

In 2020, Zoobug signed a long-term global licensing agreement with The AgenC.

The AgenC is the company for the brands Zoobug, Eye Respect and LDNR. It makes part of the GLBL Eyewear


Our team

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La team Zoobug, c’est une équipe de passionnés qui partagent la même vision: celle de l’excellence et de

l’innovation. Issus de backgrounds différents, ils imaginent un moyen de conjuguer leurs compétences dans

leurs domaines d’expertise et leurs talents. Ils sont tous deux à la tête du groupe GLBL EYEWEAR.


Jonathan Van BlERK Didier Coton

C.E.O Chairman

Didier has been an Automobile pilot agent for the last

25 years, working with international race champions.

Having worn glasses since the age of 3, he is very

aware of the importance in having high quality eyewear.


Jonathan has been at the forefront of the eyewear

industry for the last 30 years.

In his early years, he cut his teeth and gained

vast experience at brands like Rudy Project,

Bolle, Nike, Beausoleil, Gotti Switzerland &

Mykita in many senior roles across different


Across the last 10 years, he created his own

brands, Eye Respect (2010) and L.D.N.R (2013).

He signed a global licence for Zoobug and found a

global licence for Formula 1 Eyewear the same year


He just signed a global licence for B.R.M (2021).

Our very hands on active Founder, CMO and CCO is

always pushing the boundaries of where eyewear can