Zoobug is a premium children's eyewear brand, offering both optical and sun collections.

We create high optical quality, stylish, and fun frames to wear. We care to make them affordable, since eyewear is a medical necessity as well as a fashion accessory.

Our award-winning frames have been rewarded in top eyewear trade shows. We’re part of children fashion shows and collaborate with recognised fashion stylists for limited editions glasses.

Our mission is to help children see well & look amazing. We want the young up and coming generation to feel comfortable and special.


Eye have a dream

Julie Diem, a renowned ophthalmologist in London, dreamt of a day when children across the world would be able to protect their eyes with beautiful, well-fitting frames of adult quality, not a scaled down mini version but one that is designed specifically for their needs to allow them to look good and feel amazing.

Julie wanted to create safe sunglasses for all children, with effective protection from ultraviolet light, excellent, trend-setting design and comfort, with an innovative idea to have adult standards of protection in beautifully designed children’s sunglasses.
In 2006, her dream came true: Zoobug was born.

Since then, we have made little zoobugs all around the globe happier than ever and making them feel confident. With our minimum stands of being high-quality, with exceedingly efficient protection, parents are pleased to choose our frames. 

A new take-off

In 2020, Zoobug’s wings flew towards a licensing agreement with The AgenC, founded by Jonathan van Blerk, expert in the eyewear industry for over 20 years, taking our beautiful glasses to the next level in this exciting new journey.

Award-winning designs

Zoobug has won numerous awards including the most prestigious international industry award – the SILMO d’Or, the British Junior Design Award for Best Travel Product for Children (2015) and Kid’s Frame of the Year, 100% Optical (2020). We were also the named the official kids’ sunglass supplier for the Olympic in London (2012)!

Zoobug x Kate Hill

Every year since 2019, we have collaborated with Kate Hill on a limited edition sunglass range. Kate is fashion expert and stylist for children. Together we offer a special collection, highly fashionable, and collector pieces, always committed to the highest standards of quality and comfort.

“These designs are about giving kids the feeling of empowerment when they wear the glasses. There is so much pressure in today’s society: we want kids to have the belief that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. Everyone is special in their own way and we want them to feel that GLO-ING sensation of fabulousness”. - Kate Hill

Global Kids Fashion Week

Together with Kate Hill, we premiered at London’s Premier Global Kids Fashion Week 2019, Mini Mode. Since then, we put our hands up to this annual and unmissable fashion rendez-vous, along with great and emerging designers.