Why polarised?

Children’s eyes are at greater risk than their parent’s in the sun and we recommend encouraging children to wear sunglasses from an early age; get them into the habit of protecting their eyes, and they are more likely to continue to do so. Zoobug recommends high quality sun lenses to ensure proper UV protection; we fit our frames with lenses that are on a par with those used in high-quality adult sunglasses. Zoobug selects Polarised lenses for the following reasons:
  • 100% UV protection while cutting glare
  • good visual comfort
  • reduce eye strain
  • good perception of different colours
  • contrast and best visual clarity.
Zoobug UV400 polarised lenses come in a variety of super colours this year, with fashionable mirrored finishes in some of our bestselling styles – check out the Aviator and the new Butterfly and stay stylish and safe in the sun! www.zoobug.com  

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