Zoobug Glasses: ZB1014 + 1010

New round classic "panto" style ZB1010 and our classic ZB1014 are made from TR90, one of the most comfortable and resistant frame materials on the market. With a delicate look in pastels and bold primary colours, these modern additions in the Zoobug collection balance comfort, style and a flattering design.

TR90 frames are particularly suitable for kids with busy schedules!

The material is well-known in the optical business for its strength, flexibility and anti-allergenic properties. It is also really easy to wear as it is very lightweight, so a bolder frame design still gives that barely-there feel!

Zoobug's TR90 line includes styles for a variety of ages with innovative adjustable features such as rubber tips and silicone nose pads that have no metal parts and bend to fit different nose types.



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  • I purchased a pair of frames about a year ago that finally broke and would love to re-purchase them. they were ZB1010 183 43 17-130.
    But I cant find these on the site.

    Rick Carmona

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