Hey baby! Here comes the sun

We know all too well at Zoobug how difficult it can be to get little ones to wear their protective sunglasses. Our latest collection has been designed with this in mind, so that the styles not only stay on the face without slipping and becoming annoying - but also have features that make them more comfortable and snug on the face. Our smallest sizes for infants/toddlers come with a built-up saddle under the nose bridge which is designed to fit the anatomy of a baby, without rubbing the sensitive skin, and ensuring the frames are supported and do not slip down the nose. Tiny ones are busy, they move their heads around a lot to experience the world, and they therefore need to wear a sunglass design that does not slip, move or fall off during different activities.

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We have also created rounded temples that are effective for little ones so that the frame feels more secure when their head is in different positions - when crawling or lying back for a rest in a stroller.

Babies have sensitive eyes and are growing all the time: at ZOOBUG we do all we can to accommodate their specific needs so that the frames fit correctly and protect the eyes from harmful UV rays (without touching the eye lids). Zoobug award-winning infant sunglasses are fitted with high quality polarised lenses (the same quality as adult polarised lenses) to ensure excellent optical clarity (no fuzziness in the lens, typically found in toy sunglasses) and 100% protection from irritating glare.

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