Brynn's story

We are always thrilled to hear from Zoobug wearers, and this story is particularly heart-warming.....

At the age of 2, Brynn was diagnosed with a congenital cataract. Upon having surgery to remove it followed by a lens implant, Brynn’s family also learnt that their daughter had unilateral optic nerve hypoplasia, a condition which left her blind in that eye. The news totally devastated them. Brynn now has to wear glasses every single day for the rest of her life, not only to strengthen the bad eye but to protect the good one. Her ophthalmologist advised a round eye shape to ensure that her eyes were as well protected as possible.

Brynn’s parents say they found it hard to find round glasses that would protect her entire eye and still look like something that a little girl would be excited to wear. They came across the Daisy design, one of Zoobug’s first sun and optical shapes that has been part and parcel of the collections since the brand first launched in 2006.

“Zoobug’s Daisy glasses fit the safety requirements and have made our daughter so happy to wear glasses. She cannot leave the house without getting rave compliments. As parents, we feel good about the fact that her eyes are fully protected and that she looks great and feels great about these frames.” Brynn’s Mum


 Thousands of children are born with cataracts and other ocular conditions that require them to wear spectacles throughout their lives. Zoobug’s mission is to give parents reassurance in situations like these by ensuring the glasses their children are wearing provide good vision on a daily basis, a safe and secure fit, and an attractive design that their kids will be able to enjoy.




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  • That’s ME!!!! I’m wearing the same glasses, FOUR years later!!!!!!!!


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