Autumn is here

Autumn is here, but don't put away your shades just yet. Sunny days are still likely, and kids would be advised to wear protective lenses when out on day trips or on the move, throughout the year.

The season's fashion highlights require the perfect colourful complement old-school vintage touches, denim designs, ballerina skirts, leather jackets, handmade knits and much loved monochromes.

AW15. Sunny13 (4)

Zoobug presents a new series of A/W images by children's fashion photographer Wanda Kujacz.

Top: Sunny in red/white stripes (left), available as an optical or a sunglass style. Featured this month in Vogue Bambini. Square in bright yellow (right), a perfect choice for boys or girls. Above: Sunny in red/white stripes, fitted with polarised lenses for top-quality UV protection.


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