Zoobug for Christmas!

A reminder from us about Christmas delights! We think these styles might be a little bit special as stocking fillers, especially for those needing holiday UV protection in the snowy mountains or in hotter climates over Christmas. Don't forget that pre-ski ages (0-3 age group) should be wearing snug fitting UV protective sunglasses when out and about in resort - whether playing in the snow, sledging or taking a stroll in a pushchair. We also remind mums and dads that while goggles and helmets are a must for young skiers in ski school, protective sunglasses are also essential for youngsters when they come off the slopes for relaxation and fun in the snow. Don't forget your sunnies! We've picked 3 of our bestsellers that might just be on Christmas lists this year…..Don't forget to remind Father Christmas….
Fluo Pink
AV Red

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