Anyone who wears glasses has been called this at some point in their life, whether it was a joke or a form of bullying. It hurts no matter what the meaning behind it. I have worn glasses since I was 12 years old. I was lucky that by the time, I had to get glasses; they were a lot nicer and not those thick milk bottle bottom type specs you got on the National Health. Oh yes I am vain and oh yes I'm sure when I was a child I made fun of someone else wearing these type of glasses. Not meaning too and I clearly didn't know any better but my peers influenced me. When we received a letter home from the nursery about Lucas's eye test and that he required further tests, my heart instantly sank. It's hard enough being a child, starting school and we know children can be cruel. We found out the Lucas needed glasses, he is long sighted in his left eye but his right eye was perfect. I must be honest and admit I had a small sigh when I found out that he didn't need a patch. Yes, I reverted to that vain monster. However, having seen the patches and a child at Lucas's nursery having patches, I think they look great. Many children at Lucas's nursery have glasses, especially the boys. They all got tested at the same time and all got glasses at the same time. It's a great thing these early testing, better eye care and hopefully the stigmata that my generation grew up with regarding wearing glasses will be non-existent in the next generations. The glasses look great, the patches look great, and there are a larger percentage wearing glasses. I think my baby looks great in his glasses; what do you think? Blue Glasses I think he is growing up in a world where it's acceptable to wear glasses. Many kids wear them, I wear them and his cousin wears them. In addition, specky-four-eye name-calling will be outdated. What do you think?

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