School Looks don't have to be exclusively uniform.

Getting ready to go back to school means a new year, new teachers, new lessons and new challenges. It is both exciting and scary as everyone prepares for the next school period – parents, teachers and of course, the students! School uniforms prepared, there is always a big decision to be made, whether it’s the shoes, school bag, lunch box, stationary or…the eyewear. We recall the importance of these little flairs of individuality when we were at school. School uniforms are usually worn out of necessity rather than choice. Children want to stand out, so it is important to ensure you invest in something that will be practical, durable and most importantly, something everyone is happy with! If you are looking to choose new eyewear for your child, Zoobug is able to offer an array of current styles in a choice of stunning colours. Take reassurance from the fact that these frames feature resilient spring hinges and the industry standard has been raised as each frame comes with 18 months manufacturer’s warranty. Polished Italian acetate oozes quality and ensures the frame stays glossy and smart. The layered laminate and finish really adds an exciting statement as these are not your typical kid’s glasses, these are Zoobug glasses. They are to be enjoyed, through the Autumn term and on into the next ones! Our next blog will discuss our top recommendations for wearable eyewear styles and colours perfect for school.  

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