Primrose Hill Pastels

ZOOBUG LONDON has released the second photo story to press (part 2 of 3 stories) for its Spring/Summer 2018 collection of sunglasses in its London campaign featuring famous landmarks and neighbourhoods of the city.

Following The Camden Rockabillies, Primrose Hill Pastels highlights styles in the SS18 collection, based on the desirable pastel colour theme of 2018. Highlighting the sunglasses against the distinctive pastel-toned architecture of this stunning London neighbourhood, the shoot by Lesley Edith features child models Ruby, Kitt, Olivia, Elexander and Madison. More to come on this soon!

Photography by Lesley Edith / Styling by Becky John

Hair and Makeup by Keti Nikolova / Assistant photographer - Henry Jackson. Thank you to our models Ruby, Kitt, Olivia, Alexander and Madison.


Model ZB5031 - part of the SS18 sunglasses collection.

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