How Zoobug Glasses are Made

It takes 6 weeks to make one pair of Zoobug glasses not to mention the months spent on design and prototyping. Admittedly we do obsess over every little detail... Zoobugs are very different to other children's eyewear because we don't just scale down an adult version. Every frame has been designed specifically for a child of a certain age group in mind. We pack them with special features which are useful and relevant like polarised lenses, built-up bridges, adjustable rubber tips, Asian nose fits and detachable headbands. We build on a concept from scratch and then use exactly the same materials, hand manufacturing process and lens technology that goes into making an adult designer frame...only we charge less than a third of the price - topic of another blog! Once the design is good to go we start the production using raw material which comes from a sustainable, renewable source in Italy...   Then our highly skilled workers get busy...     42 days later, after a lot of cutting, tumbling, soldering and hand-polishing, we end up with a beautiful pair of Zoobugs like the round tortoiseshell Ollie!  But the work does not finish here, oh no! The frame goes off for a further 20 days of testing... find out more in "How We Test Our Kids Glasses".  

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