Back-to-school: time for an eye test?

Late August is a busy time. The back-to-school list is endless…shoes, trainers, football boots, PE equipment, stationary, school bags, ballet shoes, and more!

 Specs, as such, don’t appear on the official school list but they should be on there, with a little reminder on the absolute necessity for regular eye checks, and a note that specs are cool (and much more stylish, comfortable and fun to wear than when your parents had to wear them!)

 Glasses, if required, will make a child’s school day much more interesting, productive and appealing (if you can’t see the white board, you’re likely to get a little bit bored or a little bit distracted after all!).


 Eye tests are free in the UK (for children under 16) and for those who are 16-18 in full time education. Eye tests are also fine for anyone who can’t read yet, as the optician will be able to cater their test especially to that age group without any problem. Most specialists recommend a test for children at least every two years as this ensures that any underlying eye condition can be identified quickly.

Questions? We always say ask your local optician about any concerns you might have for your children’s eye health. Sometimes it is not immediately obvious that a child has a sight problem. You might see your child sitting very close to a television or rubbing their eyes more than usual and if you are concerned you should visit an optician and ask their advice.

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