An interview with Steve Tansley, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

Moorfields is one of the world's leading eye hospitals based in London and treating children from across the globe. We went along to meet with Steve Tansley, Head Dispensary Optician at Moorfields Children's Eye Dispensing Unit, to find out what he thinks about Zoobug and eye health care for kids. Zoobug: Hi Steve so how long have you been in this industry? Steve: I’ve been working in this industry for about 20 years, so a while!   Zoobug: What interested you in Zoobug? Steve: Zoobug's quality is outstanding, the finishing and the depth of the glasses are rare so it’s great to have something like Zoobug in our dispensary. I also love the colours and the range Zoobug has. There is a sense of individuality and this is something that stands out and makes an impact with my customers.   Zoobug: What advice could you give about eyecare? Steve: All children should wear sunglasses all year round even if they don’t particularly have any eye problems. We always mention to parents coming in about the dangers of UV rays so we think it’s fantastic that Zoobug's new range comes with a polarised filter – ideally all sunglasses should come with polarised lenses. Zoobug: What's your favourite Zoobug? Steve: I like the Spy frame. I think it’s solid and different from some of the usual styles and parents like the look of it too. It has style and substance. I like quite a few of the other frames such as the Harley as it has a great depth/coverage over the eye and it is a classic round shape. Few round shaped frames work but these ones do. We also like the Daisy as it is fun and that’s important when designing children’s frames! Thanks to Steve Tansley and Moorfields Eye Hospital! Moorfields Eye Hospital, 162 City Road, London, EC1V 2PD.  

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