An ideal fit for kids on the move

We are often asked about our specialist designs for little ones. For this year's collection we introduced our sunglasses in two sizes, with details to suit different age groups. Zoobug's sunglasses for 0-4 years have two particular design features that ensure they provide a good fit, shading the eyes safely, without slipping down the nose. A transparent hypoallergenic silicone insert under the bridge provides the right support for a young child, ensuring that the lenses are not touching their eye lashes. The curled sides, on the other hand provide extra support so that the fit is snug, comfortable and secure behind the ears. These features also prove ideal for young children whatever they are doing - crawling or playing with head tilted forward, or sleeping in a stroller, with their head tilted back. The fit is also designed to be comfortable when worn under a sun hat, essential through the summer months.

Zoobug's SS16 sunglass styles for 0-3 years come fitted with polarised lenses for 100% UV protection.


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