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Zoobug continues collaboration with ORBIS

Zoobug continues to support Orbis and their sight-saving programmes which provide access to quality eyecare for adults and children around the world.

The most recent delivery of ZOOBUG frames was available on the charity’s new Flying Eye Hospital’s very first programme, which included treatment for children with a variety of eye conditions in Shenyang, China.

9-year-old Xiu Ling, who was diagnosed at He University Eye Hospital in September with Double Levator Palsy, was among the children who received treatment on board Orbis’ new Flying Eye Hospital, under the care of ophthalmologist Dr. Antonio Jaramillo and paediatric surgeon, Dr Douglas Frederick from Stanford University. Xiu Ling was presented with Zoobug sunglasses during post-operative assessment to ensure correct protection and comfort for her eyes following treatment.

Shenyang, China Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Program --


More information about ORBIS: www.orbis.org.uk


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