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Ski preview: protect your eyes the ZOOBUG way

The ski season is underway and it’s a good time to check the fitting of your children’s sunglasses for off piste. While most children wear ski goggles under helmets for active sports, during all other activities at high altitude and in snowy conditions, kids should have their eyes fully protected from UV rays and glare with sunglasses that shade their eyes fully and provide correct levels of sun protection and comfort, for youngsters on the move. Remember that babies should have their eyes protected too – when they are sitting or sleeping in a stroller they can easily be exposed to the sun, and like their skin, their eyes are super sensitive. Our baby glasses are specially designed for wear in and out of the stroller, whatever the child’s activity. The frames are fitted with extra support at the bridge to improve the fit on tiny noses and they feature curled sides to secure the glasses comfortably behind the ears.

We’ve had our friends out testing our polarised lenses this winter and we’re delighted to show a preview of two of our new designs, fitted with high quality polarised lenses.

Coming soon to www.zoobug.com.


Photo credit: Vanessa Fry Commercial

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