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Emma for Zoobug London

We’re delighted to re-introduce you to one of our first and very important Zoobug customers who was a part of the Zoobug story when we first launched in 2006. Dr Julie Diem Le discovered a lack of variety and quality in children’s eyewear when she was out shopping for sunglasses for her niece Emma – who was just 1 at the time! Since then, Zoobug has become a specialist in creating unique features for adjusting the fit of the frames on the face, for all European, Asian and tiny infant faces.

Emma has tried and tested lots of our frames over the years. She featured in one of Zoobug’s first fashion shoots in London (above) wearing the iconic Zoobug Butterfly sunglasses, one of the brand’s first premium acetate designs with adult-quality lenses and a chic, fun, colourful design!

Today – at 12 years old, Emma is wearing the cool 2017 Aviator in black with gold mirrored polarised lenses (pictured below) – a brand new style for the Spring/Summer.

Thank you Emma for being part of an idea that turned into an international kid’s fashion business!



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