Orbis UK and Zoobug sunglasses

Since a donation back in 2015, Zoobug is pleased to continue its support of Orbis with some of its frames reaching youngsters in countries as far afield as South America and Asia.

Occasionally we are very lucky to receive a photo of one of the children who has benefited from treatment on the Flying Eye Hospital, and who, for post-operative protection, has worn our frames to shiled and protect their eyes.

Pictured above is Yader wearing Zoobug in Peru. The 7 year old had a cataract in his eye when he was younger. This was successfully removed but unfortunately, later on, while playing, his friend threw a ball which hit his eye and caused traumatic glaucoma. Doctors in Peru where he was recently treated during the Flying Eye Hospital visit said that his pressure was so high that most adults wouldn’t have been able to cope. Yader was treated and the surgery was successful – bringing his pressure back down to normal.

Since Zoobug first started donating to Orbis in 2014, the children's eyewear label has given the equivalent of £100,000 in high-quality kid's glasses and sunglasses.

For more details about Orbis, visit http://gbr.orbis.org/


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